Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Python Speak

Hello again, I know its been very long since i have done something apart from my routine work, Yesterday I got some free time to do something new and here I am with a new - I don't call it a software but a small prototype of what i wanted my computer to do. So what did I want my computer to do?  Nothing Hi-Fi,  I just wanted my computer to read out  what I type or from a file. This is my small attempt to achieve the same.
I have named it SPEAK and this is the video of speak in action.

I have bigger projects in mind, if anyone's interested and has some free time to spend, You are welcome
Bye for now.


spirit said...

Hi.. nice work! Did u design the entire GUI using Python or u used Java?

Shashank said...

hey Gui using PyQt4

Anonymous said...

hay I would to join u project ... mail to me if u have some project .. mwin@fau.edu