Thursday, May 19, 2011

Hangman Clone!

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For any programmer like me, building a game gives immense pleasure. Games are the best way to build a bond between the code and the gamer. Its this bond that I always liked to build. I am not a pro in this but I am trying to achieve my goals. As a start I tried a small and simple game. I built a hangman clone.

    Though all of you know have played it a quite a few times, I would love to explain the rules of the game. A secret word would be given to you and you will have to guess the word and save the life of an innocent man. Cumulative wrong guesses will result in the machine hanging your innocent man and the game will be over. If you guess the word before the person is hanged you become the hero by saving a man's life.

   So the game is simple right. Now please try my attempt in achieving this and tell me how you feel about it. You can download the executable here. I am also looking for any new simple gaming ideas, if you have one please post it i will try to achieve that :), Don't forget to tell me if there are any problems in the game. I hope you all will like it.

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Giovanni Rodriguez said...

gracias, muy bueno, y el codigo?