Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Speaking Dictionary!!!

Most competitive exams are based on English, most importantly, vocabulary grabs the majority of questions.

            So what do students do --------->       Memorize the words
           How do we memorize  ----------->           Flash cards

FlashCards  are highly effective but personally I feel it very difficult to use these flash cards. I somehow feel engaging both the senses i.e., "Eyes and Ears"  together will help you grab the words more easily and helps you to retain it in memory for a longer period of time.

It is with this belief, I have set out to build a small program which can repeat the high probable GRE WORDS so that it can engage both the senses and help the students remember words better and faster. Here is a small prototype the very first version of how it looks as of now.

It is mainly programmed in Python and Qt libraries, along with the integration of the pass time project SPEAK. This version can recite you through the words only once. Subsequent versions will allow you to choose how many times the word has to be repeated before going to the next word, Mark a particular word to be important so that it repeats more times than any other normal word, make the program more user friendly and uplift the user interface. Any suggestions are welcome.

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